4. Music & Dance

Handmade costumes, made by younger children, during a school activity.

Costume populare realizate de copiii mai mici ai școlii, în cadrul unei activități la clasă.

Handmade traditional women folk costume. School activity. 20140908_114539 20140908_114851 20140908_114858 20140908_114907 Handmade women traditional folk costume. School activity.


The National Anthem, songs and dances performed during the third mobility in the Northern Ireland:

Imnul Național al țării, cântece și dansuri prezentate în cadrul celei de a treia mobilitate în Irlanda de Nord.

  • Imnul Național: Deșteaptă-te, Române!
  • Songs: 1. Omul bun și pomul copt (song);   2. Frumoasă-i vecina noastră! (song);
  • Dance: Țărănește

Romanian folk music – bilingual presentation ppt

Bilingual article about TRADITIONAL COSTUMES

Romanian Folk Costumes ppt – English



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  1. Everyone in our school thoroughly enjoyed your performances whilst you were in Ireland. When we returned from Romania i showed our pupils some examples of Romanian dance which i had recorded – our pupils loved them.

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