6. Questionnaire

1. What is the name of our National Anthem?
2. Who was Andrei Şaguna?
3. Which is atraditional and also original Romanian sport?
4. Which of the following isn`t a traditional Romanian game?
5. Which of the following dishes is not a traditional Romanian food?
6. One of the following is not a traditional Romanian dessert. Which one?
7. Which of the following dances are not peculiar to our country?
8. Are all of the following myths peculiar to Romanian culture? If not, thick the one that isn`t.

2 thoughts on “6. Questionnaire

  1. our questionnnaire was simple, but yours seems to be difficult now; to the end of this project I hope to say that all of them were simple!

  2. we took this quiz before reading the presentation to establish what knowledge we had regarding this country. We intend returning to these questions after studying the presentation.

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